How we work

HB Holidays helps businesses with their staffing needs by providing temporary and permanent workers, as well as a range of recruitment and HR services. Manpower operates in Asian and Europe countries and has a presence in many major global markets, serving a wide range of industries.

Our mission is to improve the workforce solutions for their clients, candidates, and communities through their expertise, global reach, and innovative solutions.

HB Holidays is committed to providing quality employment opportunities, contributing to local communities, and promoting diversity and inclusion in the workplace.

We provides businesses with temporary or permanent workers. They work by:

Identifying the staffing needs of businesses through consultations with clients.

  • Sourcing and screening potential candidates to match with the job requirements.
  • Presenting qualified candidates to clients for consideration and selection.
  • Onboarding and training the selected workers.
  • Managing the employment relationship, including payroll, benefits, and any necessary support services.
  • Continuously monitoring performance and satisfaction to ensure a successful placement.